"Art is the visual manifestation of the soul's desperate concerns."

James Hillman​


My two paintings "Final Bow" and "Timothy Leary's Dead "will be on exhibit at the Exchange Gallery's "Far Out" exhibition from May 2 to June 10, 2022

​My charcoal drawing "Visiting Pappy" won a Judge's Choice Award in the 2022 edition of " The Wild Onion" arts magazine.


I don’t think anyone has defined art better than James Hillman. “Art is the visual manifestation of the soul’s desperate concerns.” This premise has defined my work for the past decade. A formal, conceptual process has merged with a more spiritual and allegorical way of coming to the canvas. It is a way of defining and augmenting emotional and spiritual levels which deal with specific issues that tie into my soul’s desperate concerns for the state of humanity. There is symbolism at various levels in my work, some more obvious and universal, others more hidden and personal.

My imagery and subject matter come from a combination of personal vision, imagination, and artistic intellect.