Getting Through This

The art on this page was created as a response to the various aspects and problems we face during this horrible pandemic. It is my humble attempt to offer something positive in a time of overwhelming bad news.

Atlas MMXX

My last painting of 2020. 

Acrylic on 40"x 30" canvas


Distant Kiss

Friends blowing a loving kiss to each other in a time of social distancing. 

Acrylic on 18"x 24" canvas - NFS

Essential Break

Two essential supermarket workers on a much needed break. Wearing their vest and hanging mask they keep a safe social distance. 

Gouache on paper - NFS

Touch Your Shadow

Feeling lonely? Touch your shadow. A verification that you are and that's a blessing.

Oil crayon on paper - $100

Mask and Gloves

An ambiguous figure suited up for the times. Mixed medium on paper. $100

Love from the Front

A tribute to all the frontline medical workers, sacrificing and putting the welfare of others first.

Acrylic on 24"x 18' canvas - NFS

Stay Home and Listen to King Crimson!

Hunker down at home and listen to King Crimson. Like we did in 1971.

Ink drawing on paper $100

Elbow Bump

The new normal way of salutations once social distancing expires.

Mixed Medium on paper - $100

Visiting​ Pappy

Charcoal on 17"x 22' paper, $400 

From a time when we did not have to worry about visiting our elders.